Chippendale Chair - Repaired Finish

Faded Furniture Finish

Faded Furniture Finish

Do you have furniture that looks faded or worn out? Are there portions of your furniture that are lighter in color than other areas. Well, no need to fear, DallasFRS is here!

DallasFRS can repair those faded or worn out finishes to make your furniture look like new again.

Refinishing is very expensive and normally unnecessary.

In most cases, this type of finish damage is due to sun or UV ray’s, or it could very well be a problem with the manufactures original finish. Nonetheless, we can repair it for you.
Purchasing new furniture or refinishing your existing furniture can both be very expensive, especially midst the current economy. DallasFRS can repair your furniture for less.

A good finish can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of refinishing and with very attractive results. Consider the years of comfort and beauty your furniture can still provide.


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