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Chair caning

There are many types of chairs or furniture that utilize cane or rush in their composition – these, of course, over time will wear out on you. Or it might be as simple as someone stepping on it and busting through the seat or kneeing through the back. Whatever happens we can replace them and repair your furniture to look brand new again. DallasFRS offers our full services of furniture caning and re-rushing to restore their beauty and function. Splint, Porch & Herringbone Weaving are not strangers to us either. Give us a call or email us with the details and we will get your pieces put back into shape.

Hand Cane:

The cane is hand woven in single strands through holes in the perimeter of the seat or back. This furniture recaning differs from Pre-Woven Cane as this type requires holes where as the other merely requires a single groove in the perimeter of the seat or back. In the caning trade we usually charge by the hole for hand caning. Just count the holes around the perimeter of the seat. The average per hole price runs about $1.50 for a normal size chair seat.

Pre-Woven cane:

This furniture recaning is a pre-woven sheet of cane webbing which is applied to the chair seat or back as a single piece, it is pressed into the groove and held in place by a rattan spline also wedged in the groove around the perimeter. We can color match the cane if requested to a deeper, darker color. Usually matching the chair color – there is an additional $30.00 charge per chair for this service.


This is normally known as a type of Kraft paper or Fibre Rush. We can rerush your seats to make them look like new once again. For addition protection we suggest a shellac finish be applied to prevent stains of possible spills or even dirt and grime build up, which can occur over the years. Rocking chairs and large chairs will run a bit more due to the size of the seat. After all, this is all hand woven and is time consuming with out a doubt. Since there are so many different types of rush seats, it would be wise to include a good photo of your seat when requesting for an estimate.


This is usually Ash Splint, but there are other wood species utilized in this weave as well. While splint weaving is similar to cane, this is much wider and can often be seen up to about an inch wide. Splint is normally woven on the seat or back using a one over one or herringbone pattern. We top this type of weave off with a stain of choice and lacquer or a shellac topcoat.

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