Furniture Repair Service

Restoring Beauty And Function

Furniture Repair Service

We have a long history of finishing and repairing furniture. In that time we have mastered antique repair to museum quality standards and repair/touch up on all modern finishes. We can repair most anything you can throw at us! If you want your furniture repair to be done right the first time – look no further – we are your one stop furniture repair shop.

We repair:
  • Finishes
  • Veneer
  • Wood joints
  • Wood parts
  • Sticky drawers
  • Sticky doors
  • Replace broken and missing parts
  • Hotel Furniture Repair & Touch Ups
  • Hospitality Furniture

We can make restaurant dining chairs clean and presentable again, lobby woodwork sparkle and antique furniture repaired to retain or improve the integrity and value of the piece. Finish is the front line defense of any product. It protects the item from the deteriorating effects of our environment.

Do you have any of these:
  • Dents and dings
  • Finish scratches
  • Deep wood scratches
  • Gummy sticky finishes
  • Alligator finish
  • Cracked and chipped
  • Rubbed through edges
  • Water marks
  • Smoke and water damage
  • Packing marks
  • Split and broken wooden parts

We make old finish look new again restoring the sheen and luster and renewing its protective quality.

DallasFRS – Furniture Repair Service


DallasFRS is a Professional Furniture Repair and Refinishing Service